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A G Infosolve Pvt Ltd. Provides IT & Ites Services to its customer. From Software Development to Hardware issues, A G Infosolve Pvt Ltd. provides hassle free services for the same. A G Infosolve Pvt Ltd engaged in Soft and Hard Dialer Setup along with Complete call Center setup with Networking , Predective Dialer, VOIP Support etc. We are also engaged in System Upgradation, PC optimization, PC Cleanup, Antivirus Support, LAN, WAN, VPN, Custimized Software etc. We also Provide service for Complete Office Setup through LAN or Lease line connectivity. In Simple words A G Infosolve Pvt Ltd. provides A-Z services for IT services.



Now a days website is the only medium of interaction between you and millions of your online consumers. Thus, a business without a website is out of question at this moment. This is why you need the topnotch website development services from a reputed IT company like Aginfosolve. Our team tailors our web design services to your company and its unique needs. That’s why you can customize every feature of our services to your company, products or services, and goals. The result is a website that your company and your visitors loves. The years of experience and an immense knowledge of the developmental works of our talented web developers come in handy when it comes to producing the high-end Web and Enterprise Portal Development. Those portals are not only premium in terms of functionality and aesthetics but they deliver a robust user-experience and result. Our solutions meet the highest level of standard and custom industry needs.

CCTV Installation

The use of close circuit television (CCTV) has increased rapidly in the last few years. They are widely used at homes, buildings and also in schools, businesses, factories, banks, malls and various other premises. They are installed to monitor what is happening in and around your home or workplace.

CCTV is widely employed not only in closed and private places as like homes or farmhouses but also in public and crowded places like traffic intersections, shops, theaters etc. Cameras are strategically placed to combat the ever increasing crime and to provide a sense of protection to your family or your workers.

A self-contained surveillance system comprises of cameras, recorders and displays for monitoring activities in a store or company or at your home or respective property.

Types Of CCTV Cameras:

  • Bullet camera
  • Dome camera
  • Wireless wifi camera (Easily movable and hassle free installation)

There Are Various Advantages Of Installing A CCTV Camera:

  • Crime deterrent and maintains security
  • Monitors various activities or actions
  • Effective safety tool for building feelings of security
  • Keeps records
  • Acts as an evidence or proof
  • Provides comfort of 24*7 surveillance as per your need
  • Reduces financial burden of security personnel who are subject to fatigue or loss of concentration

It is necessary to maintain safety & comfort by using CCTV Camera to record clear footage at all times. And when it comes to ensuring 24*7 hour surveillance, Aginfosolve offers you the best cameras. We ensure best services to our users by providing CCTV products that suit the requirement of the user. Whichever camera you are interested in; you can find it from us.


Aginfosolve concludes that CCTV cameras are essential and therefore must be installed in every nook and corner so as to shield oneself from being harmed and prevent themselves from being victims of crime.

Software Development

A tailor made software is the latest trend among small businesses which actually boosts up the growth. It can be used to resolve different business needs as per requirement. Enterprise software developer companies can make a wide range of software applications for your business.

If you are looking for the best software development company in India, then your search ends here. Undoubtedly, you can rely on us. We know words are never enough. So, we engage our clients in your time-to-time project progress.

Our array of services can be the most beneficial to you:
  • CRM Development : We provide exclusive and customized CRM functionality to boost up the system
  • Hospital Management System : Integrated latest technology based software to manage wide range of administration process.
  • Logistics Management Software : We offer complete workflow tracking and monitoring software with data restoration and integrated suite services.
  • School Management Software : A Complete School Management Software including Payroll and attendance management.
  • HRMS : A Complete Human Resource Management System with biomatric attendance configuration.


Hardware & Software Support

AGIPL is an IT services related organization. we also provide support for technical issues related with any Microsoft products. Fix errors, optimize and speedup up your system.

We Provide the support for:
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Tune-up & Optimization
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Registry Clean & Repair
  • Computer Running Slow
  • Support for Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server Edition
  • Repair, update & configuration Start-up
  • Corruption
  • Service Pack Installation
  • Computer Privacy
  • Computer Cookies
  • Support for Adware
  • Malware
  • Spyware Protection.

Being a reliable network solution provider, we offer world class computer networking to our valuable clients. Our networking solution is widely preferred by clients for being best in performance and availability at market competitive price.

  • Networking Setup & Support Services
  • Switches
  • Router Configuration
  • Network Cabling
  • Wall Jacks / Paneling
  • Network Security Testing
  • Firewalls
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Wireless Networking
  • Internet Connection
  • Wireless Internet Connection
  • WiFi printer and other devices Setup
  • Home Networking
  • Internet Connection
  • Wireless Internet Connection
  • ADSL Modem, Router Setup
Predictive Dialer System

Predictive Dialer  ( VICI or GoAuto) is a one-stop contact center solution that is renowned as one of the best call center software. It can be used with both on premises and cloud based environment. Also, it is developed by keeping different call center scenarios in mind. Thus, it is suitable for all types and sized of contact centers or call centers. With the help of us  you can experience the best in class communications with your clients. One of the best features of this call center software is that it will help you to screen unnecessary calls like no answer, busy signals, disconnected numbers and answering machines.

This open source solution helps the organizations to minimize the business cost by avoiding the use of expensive telephony boards and different associated hardware that has high maintenance costs. Cloud contact center solution which can also perform well as an on premises contact center solution can be just perfect for you to run inbound, outbound and blended call center campaigns.


Call Management

  • Dedicated Direct Calling User Extensions
  • Personal Voicemail & Team VoiceMail
  • Outbound Calls – Manual, Preview, Auto and Predictive
  • Inbound calls – Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Blended calls (Inbound, Outbound)
  • Scheduled callbacks (Manual & Auto)
  • 3-way Conference and Call Transfers
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) with Campaign/Queue
  • Broadcast and Survey Dialing

Campaign Management

  • Multi-Lead List per Campaign
  • Agents Allocated Simultaneously Multiple Campaigns
  • Campaign Defined Scripts
  • Custom Caller ID – Campaign Specific
  • Custom Call Statuses and Call Dispositions
  • Dynamic Area Code Caller ID
  • Hotkeys for quick hangup and call dispositions
  • Filter Leads (Dynamically Exclude Numbers from Lists)


  • US, UK and Australia telemarketing compliance
  • Drop timer with safe-harbor message for FTC compliance

Call Recording & Voice Log Storage

  • Full Call Recordings or on-demand
  • Option to Store Call Recordings on your own FTP server

Lead Management

  • Upload and download of customer lists
  • Leads Filtering
  • Leads Recycle
  • Internal DNC and Blacklist
  • Leads Timezone Restrictions

Supervisor Management

  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Listen-in, Barge-in & Whisper
  • Force Log-out
  • Reports and Analytics

Team Management

  • Multi-Group, Multi-Campaign Assignments
  • Skill-Rating based Agent priority routing
  • Support Remote and Mobile Workers

Note : A G Infosolve Pvt Ltd. is not affiliated nor is in any way related to third-party developers or trademark owners. We are the independent IT & ITes company who provides the support for Web Development, Web Designing, Software Development, Call center Management with Open Source Dialer Installation.

CRM Call Center Integration

Are you searching for a CRM for your call Center where you can manage your campaigns. do you have a CRM where you can manage all questions with different logic, Are you serching for a CRM for you company to manage HR payroll or customer data. We are here to help you.

Best Questionnaire CRM for Tele-Marketers, Tele-Survey Companies

Working Model of Call Center CRM Integration Along With the Single Sign On Solution:
  • Agents need to sign into the call center solution, which can be any open source or custom call center software
  • When he attends a call (inbound/outbound), the details of that specific lead will be appeared to him in a pop up window in Dialer as well as in CRM as same leads uploaded in CRM.
  • Once the call is completed, the agent can update the details or fill in the disposition which will update the details in the CRM system automatically
Key Features of Call Center CRM Integration and Single Sign On Solution:
  • Provide all information of the lead to the agent during live call in the call center solution itself
  • Provide empty lead box to fill in for the first time caller or new lead in the CRM.
  • Create new lead data in the CRM solution which were inserted in the call center solution.
  • Allow agents to edit the lead information in the CRM solution
  • Check for Lead duplication to keep unique records.
  • Real time information update in CRM system
  • Priority assignment to leads
  • Priority based lead routing to the agent. For example: High Priority lead gets priority to get connected to the agent while in the call queue
  • Disposition based lead update in the CRM system
  • Rule based lead update in the CRM
  • Update only data which are changed/ updated in the CRM
  • Rule based action in the dialer from CRM. For example: Record calling campaign of each lead belongs to “India”
  • High level of Data security by keeping sensitive data private such as phone number, email ID, etc. from the agent
  • Seamless call recording data integration between CRM and Call Center Solution
  • Complete log records of each action taken to update lead to both, CRM and Call center system.
  • Configure the complete Questionnaire for tele-survey or tele-marketing
  • Configure the Real time revenue on per question
  • Configure the Real Time revenue agent vise.
  • Scrub or filter the leads on the basis of questions, phone number etc
Key Benefits of Call Center & CRM Solution Integration and Single Sign On Solution:
  • Swift operations by operating from a single screen
  • Complete harmony between Call center solution and CRM (Customer Relationship Management solution)
  • Real time updated data
  • Automation in actions
  • Unique data management for leads and campaigns and avoid duplicity
  • Save time
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Increased ROI (Return over Investments)
GPS Management
We are a proven leader in GPS Fleet Management products and services, operating in India, providing great tracking experience to our clients.

We Provide the complete fleet management service with the help of our sister concern “Future Inventive Solution (P) Ltd.”

We are building an ecosystem for our products, such as fleet management system, family safety system for protecting kids/students, senior citizen and women safety.We also provide the GPS tracking device for luggage, baggage and suitcase with real time location, voice monitor, Geo-fence alarm and SOS emergency call. It can automatically monitors your parcel/luggage in flights also and let you enjoy a more successful and worry-free travel experience.


  • Bike Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Attendance & Security
  • Asset Tracker
  • Person Tracker

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